Maggie’s at The Royal Marsden

Set in the grounds of The Royal Marsden is the 22nd Maggie’s Centre, a complement to the hospital's renowned cancer services and care, providing a calm space for those who have been diagnosed with cancer or their loved ones. A place “for a cup of tea” and to “meet people who understand what you're going through”


The Royal Marsden, London


Ab Rogers Design


John Short


Project Lead: Mary Wiggin

Designed by Ab Rogers Design, the building is formed of five volumes that wrap around the central courtyard. Colour is used readily. The exterior is clad in graduated glazed terracotta and the interior features blocks of colour that accentuate architectural elements.

“Believing in colour’s sensual and psychological power, we coloured the surrounding rooms to suit the functions and activities they host,” said practice directors Ab Rogers and Ernesto Bartolini.

Working on any Maggie’s centre means that Mary is part of the project team. Advising on furniture and lighting elements, providing costings with an eye on the budget, and weaving in Coexistence’s 46 years of experience to fulfil Maggie’s brief, whilst working alongside the unique style of the building and the vision of the architects.

Mary says “Maggie’s projects are special. They always provide a challenge to ensure that the outcome is considered from many angles. It is important that any item of furniture is researched to ensure it is versatile and has longevity, and is appropriate for its use and psychological impact. This is what makes all Maggie’s projects so stimulating and highly rewarding.”

Products from Arper, Artek, HAY, Kristalia & Swedese


Project Management: Carl Cozens

Whilst Mary takes the lead on all Maggie’s projects, the wider Coexistence team play their part. Project Management is always critical, and Carl, who is Maggie’s go-to for this, has built up a strong working relationship with the delivery team from Maggie’s, particularly Maggie’s In-House-Architect, Diego Teixeira Seisdedo.

Access is always a challenge with Maggie’s sites as they are within hospital grounds. We must carefully plan the vehicles that can access the site, how the items will be unloaded & what route they will take through to the Centre.

Timelines are always critical given that Royal openings are booked many months in advance. Our team provide the centres with all types of transportation and installation services, including hanging artwork, bespoke banquette seating, bespoke cushions and upholstery, books & all types of accessories.

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