Skopelos Residence

A former "fisherman's" house, located at the end of Skopelos Town by the old harbour, surrounded by 400-year-old churches, was in ruins for over 45 years. Now, it has been carefully and meticulously restored by professional architects and designers.

Skopelos Residence

Skopelos, Greece

Architect & Designer

Margarita Doulkeroglou

Dimitris Themelis

Diego Alejandro Teixeira Seisdedos



Retaining the original footprint of 72 square metres the house, boasting spectacular views of the old harbour and the distant monastery on the Skopelos hills, has been renovated to modern standards whilst incorporating vernacular construction techniques. Such as the stone roof – traditional of the Aegean Sea Islands, exposed timber structure for the roof and windows, a wooden staircase constructed by the local 65-year-old island carpenter at his workshop at the other end of the Skopelos town, and stone lintels all sustainably sourced from the mountains of the Pelion region and dispatched from the mainland by boat and delivered to the house by local donkeys.

The house is presented with unique bespoke details; wall mounted metal shelving manufactured in Volos that pays homage to Jean Prouve’s metal designs, handmade ceramic light switches and sockets, and incorporating light fittings designed by renowned artists and designers Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier, Vico Magistretti, and Achilles Castiglione, as well furnished with contemporary furniture pieces, supplied and delivered by Coexistence, by renowned masters like Jean Prouve, Hans J. Wegner among other classics.


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