Archive Articles:The Daily Telegraph, May 1974

The Daliy Telegraph
May 1974


Throwing A New Light

THERE are all too few places in this country where one can see a really comprehensive selection of first-class modern furniture. Mary Wiggin and Ross Bull have just opened a very sophisticated shop on three floors of an old provisions store in Georgian Bath. To demonstrate their belief that the best of modern design does mix with period buildings and antiques, they have called the shop Co-existence.

Emphasis is on designer / craftsman-made furniture and there is a vast refectory style table made from a superb piece of wood by John Makepeace. Wonderfully comfortable sofas and chairs are shown from firms like H.K., Form International, and Design Workshop.

There are paintings and sculpture and an unusual selection of modern lights. A pretty spotlight called Petal has the silvered bulb surrounded by white reflector “petals” which can be altered to form flower shapes; another ingenious light is the small spot in the picture (by PETER WILLIAMS) which can put a beam of light on a painting or object.

Elizabeth Benn

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